HR Dynamism: ADP Mobile Solutions

mobility 4.jpg


The HR department has been trending in various activities recently. One of the notable trends that can’t be ignored is the ADP mobile solutions. This is a self-service mobilize application that allows the employees to access their work records. They can access information such as pay, schedules, time cards, their retirement benefits, and various calendar events. At a glance, the employee is able to view their pay structure and can drill deeper to see their current pay details and all the pay statements. It makes payment very transparent and avoiding other hidden charges.

The best thing with this application is that it is user-friendly, it can be accessed from any device. It is compatible with a tablet or a mobile phone. It will go ahead to allow the employees to check any information they need related to the core HR function. This includes paid time off accruals, spending accounts, personal profiles. Job profiles, company news, and various news events within the company.

A user through the ADP portal mobile app can be able to see the balances of the previous year to the current date and are able to access the original PDF pay statement. This can also be emailed whenever they want to get credit, say from a financial institution.

Stuart Sackman who is the corporate vice president of the Global Product and Technology, ADP comments and say that “Since we launched ADP mobile application app in 2011, our UX and design teams have worked to make this app rich in data, yet simple and secure. We wanted the employees and managers to use this as their main go-to- everything HR.’ He continued to say, “We are so proud to see the ADP Mobile Solutions App frequently rank as the number on the free business app in the Apple App Store and we will continue innovating to keep it that way!”

Engaged employees are the best for business. Business units, especially with high employee engagement, have a high level of productivity compared to the others that do not have any. They, therefore, need to take into account that employees are becoming very global and mobile.

The moment you employees are able to access valuable information anytime and anywhere, they can then stay engaged on when and how they want. Any client can, therefore, access the ADP application through the ADP solutions of, Payroll, time and attendance, employment and tax benefits. The app can be downloaded easily through the App pp Store and also through Google Play for the Android devices. Check out for ADP hourly paycheck calculator for payroll now.


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